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    "Military Veterans Against Child Abuse is a top-notch organization. When Sharon talks to our children about safety, they listen and they learn. But, not only do the kids learn, they frequently teach their own parents about such basic safety concerns as the need to wear a seat belt. Sharon's new book, The ABC's and 123's of Child Safety, continues to receive terrific reviews from parents and professionals alike. The book itself is foundational for what Sharon strives to accomplish--to ensure that our children know and put into practice, along with their parents, the basics of safety. I endorse Military Veterans Against Child Abuse and its founder, Sharon Martin Blacknall, without hesitation." - Ben D. Craver, Assistant Executive Director and Campus Dean at Wayland Baptist University


    "I would like to thank Ms. Sharon M. Blacknall for her wonderful presentation that she conducted for our preschool children, at the Lackland Child Development Center. The book "The ABC's and 123's of Child Safety", was a great hit with our children. Sharon touched on topics such as ants, bullying, electric plugs, stray dogs, gifts from strangers, just to name a few. Her enthusiasm and expressive tone kept the children engaged. She gave the children time for questions, and then recognized each one individually with a coin, and said that they were now "All-Star Safety Patrol Kids." She ended the presentation by playing the song "Happy" and the children all danced. It was a great presentation that all children in the Air Force and Public schools need to attend. Thank you so much!!" - Leti Cuellar, Training & Curriculum Specialist, Lackland Child Development Center


    "It is important to teach safety to children so that they are aware of things that could be dangerous around them. It is also important to teach them how to react when they are in a negative situation. Most elementary school-aged children get educated through their school in a variety of ways. At our childcare facility, we have preschoolers and there isn't much curriculum for them. It's very important to find creative ways to teach preschoolers about safety. They need visuals that are simple, memorable, and not scary. The program is a great educational age-appropriate book for preschoolers." - Julie Tibbit, Director of Grace Point Church Daycare and Preschool Ministry


    "It was a delight to have Sharon Blacknall, Executive Director of Military Veterans Against Child Abuse, personally read "The ABC's and 123's of Child Safety" book as part of the A-B-C Learn Safety With Me program, to the youth of Grace First Baptist Church. The information shared is priceless! It's been a year, and our kids are still talking about the child safety tips that were shared. Thank you for caring about our children!" - Rene Arceneaux, Director of the Truth Tent, Grace First Baptist Church


    "Military Veterans Against Child Abuse is an amazing group. As an adult that suffered through emotional, physical, and verbal abuse for years as a child, it is an amazing thing to see that people are willing to stand up for abused children because I didn't see much of that growing up. This group has my full support and backing, and I believe all parents should support them. They are doing an awesome job trying to eliminate child abuse." - M. Newell, Child Abuse Victim, and Survivor


    "Military Veterans Against Child Abuse is an organization that deserves the highest accolades! As most loving mother teaching my child safety right now, I am extremely grateful for this organization because of the amount of lives that are and/will be changed because of the vision and belief system its' presence has on all communities. This organization is timeless and long overdue. I appreciate the proactive nature this organization stands for, and I strongly recommend every military base and school across the country to implement the readings and core teachings of The ABC's and 123's of Child Safety written by the founder of MVACAUNITED as it is fun and easy to read, geared toward keeping the worlds of children safe!!!" - K. Porter, Mother of two


    "Military Veterans Against Child Abuse (MVACAUNITED) offers education on prevention of child abuse. My niece and I had fun learning about safety. She recently started school and the first thing she learned in this program is to remember her parents' name and how to spell it. She also had to remember her home address and phone number. It's amazing how many young children in her school who do not know where they live or how to call home in an emergency. The other fascinating observation I had when I went to my niece's school was young children only knew how to say their last name but not spell it. There's more safety topics to learn such as stranger awareness, bullying, pool and fire safety, and especially not keeping secrets. I wish I had this program when I first went to school." - R. Agacaoili


    "Military Veterans Against Child Abuse delivers a very important message of safety in a way children can remember and understand. We all need a safe place to be and this type of book is a great way to bring the safety message home to not only the children but the parents, friends, and family alike. I am one of 7 children and my mom read to us a lot growing up. I know if she would of had access to a creative and smart resource like this, we would of been better prepared for the world ahead of us. God Bless this organization and God Bless the Children. I love this charity. It is one of the most important projects I have seen in a very long time that is all about the future health and safety of our babies." - Sherrie Lynn McBurney


    "As an abuse survivor, I am in full support of this amazing organization. It takes great strength to take action with the potential of saving even one beautiful, innocent life!" - Lo C.


    "Great focus on an issue that often doesn't get enough attention." - Rodney Smith, USAF Veteran and President of Victorious Media Inc.

    "It is important to share this information. The statistics are startling. Thank you Military Veterans Against Child Abuse. Keep up the great work!" - Bernadine B. Kirkland


    "This is Excellent information. I hope people will take heed. Great Job!" - Bonita M. Boyd


    "I love the information you are providing. Knowledge is the key. As a mother of five, I want to keep my children safe." - Raquel Wideman Marshall


    "This is a wonderful idea! As a grandparent, aunt and friend, I know there are predators out there of all ages. I'm glad to know your organization is addressing this issue." - Cheryl Papion


    "Exceptional work!! I think it's awesome that you are getting the word out! Thank You! - Kim Honrath-Waters, Owner of Honrath Realty Team

    "Child Abuse must stop. We need to come down on the offenders extremely hard. Stop slapping their hand and slap their butts in jail." - Wes Rogers

    "I have watched this nonprofit change lives - one little life at a time. This program contains amazing information that is gathered up and all found in one place! The delivery format is perfect for young children. It is encouraging, non-scary, and quite engaging. The children love it and they are learning very important information to keep them safe in the home, on the streets, in the car, and in the presence of strangers. I highly recommend it to everyone with young children in their life. Let's spread the word!!! A program that actually works!!" - Melissa Montgomery


    "As military veterans who have traveled the world and experienced different cultures, one similarity is always constant, the protection of children. Military Veterans Against Child Abuse uses this unique experience to reach out in the community, develop training programs designed to educate, raise awareness, to ensure the safety of our children. An outstanding organization whose dedication and commitment are simply unmatched!" - Philip Gumbs


    "Wonderfully put together program benefiting children. Volunteered for many organizations and this one is right up there with the best!" - Christopher LaVan


    "Sharon M. Blacknall has created a program that teaches our young children between the ages of 3-5 about their ABC's, 123's, Stranger Danger, and Bullying in a way they can understand it. She would always say if we teach them when they are young they would know what to do if the bad person approaches them. I think she has done an amazing job! It is a great program! Every child should go through the program." - Hollie Pope


    "Simply stated, it is a wonderful nonprofit. The vision and heart of the organization is to genuinely help others." - Tara DeLeon


    "Such a worthy organization, motivated by a true passion to help keep our children away from harm! "It takes a village to raise up a kid" and keep them safe! Be a part of a nonprofit organization with a purpose! Our children are our future! Help make "good works" happen! Support this cause!" - SWTX514

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    Council on Military Education in Texas and in the South (C.O.M.E.T.S.) Award

    On April 9, 2014, C.O.M.E.T.S. Treasurer Ben Craver invited Sharon Blacknall, Executive Director of Military Veterans Against Child Abuse, to speak before the attendees of the C.O.M.E.T.S. 2014 annual convention held at the Drury Plaza.
    Sharon spoke to the attendees and explained the importance of a preschool-aged safety program like the A-B-C Learn Safety With Me program and answered their questions. After the presentation, the attendees and board all donated to Military Veterans Against Child Abuse so that we could continue to serve the military dependents in the area.
    Military Veterans Against Child Abuse was very honored to have been chosen for this award!
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    Meeting with Congressman Joaquin Castro

    We met with Congressman Castro regarding introducing the book The ABC's and 123's of Child Safety and the A-B-C Learn Safety With Me program. Congressman Castro and his District Director were impressed with the program and its far-reaching potential. We were very honored and excited!
  • National Crime Victim's Rights Week Tribute

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    With DA Nico LaHood

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    Flower Tribute