Signs of Child Abuse and Neglect

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Many parents are not aware that there are different categories of child abuse and neglect.  Here are just a few of the physical and behavioral changes you may see in a child who is a victim of abuse and/or neglect.  Please familiarize yourself with the signs and understand that there may be more than one type of abuse or neglect occurring within the home.  Be prepared to step up and help the child.  It is NOT okay to simply stand by and do nothing!   

Signs of Physical Abuse 

·       Unexplained burns, bite marks, cuts, bruises or welts on the body or face

·       Flinches at sudden movements or shies away from being touched or hugged  

·       Anti-social behavior or withdrawn  

·       Problems in school or suddenly bullying their peers  

·       Unexplained fear of adults

Signs of Emotional Abuse 

·       General apathy about everything or reverts to infantile behavior (thumb sucking, throwing temper tantrums, etc.)  

·       Depression and loss of interest in former favorite activities 

·       Hostility or stress  

·       Inability to concentrate  

·       Overly anxious or fearful about doing something wrong

Signs of Neglect 

·       Wearing unsuitable clothing for the current season or temperature  

·       Appearing dirty and unkempt or always hungry  

·       Frequently late or missing school  

·       Apparent lack of adult supervision and guidance

Signs of Sexual Abuse 

·       Inappropriate interest or knowledge of sexual acts  

·       Nightmares and bedwetting  

·       Overeager to please or excessive outward aggression  

·       Drastic changes in behavior and appetite   

·       Intense fear of interacting or being alone with a particular family member or another individual  

·       Trouble walking or sitting

To report suspected abuse, call your local police department, Child Protective Services or the National Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-4-A-CHILD and let them investigate.  You may save a child’s life!