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From the Family Review Center - 2014 Editor's Choice Award

for A-B-C Learn Safety With Me!

"A short picture book that teaches safety and social awareness.  It is ia bilingual book, in English and Spanish.  It starts by having your child write in answers, such as mom's name, address, phone number, grandpa's name etc..  Once it has all of that information, it has a little award certificate to fill out, awarding them for learning all of this information so they are ready for an emergency.  Then the story begins again, with an A-Z theme, page by page, all with a safety theme.  This is a book that is excellent for preschoolers thru grade 1, depending on the child.  The lessons learned from this book are valuable and ones every child should know, understand and remember.  Well written and beautifully illustrated."

"A-B-C Learn Safety With Me" Program for 3 - 6 year olds and

"​How To Deal With Strangers Safely" for 2nd - 5th grade (see below)

"How to Deal With Strangers Safely" is a 40-minute power point safety program, developed specifically for 2nd through 5th grade students, using a cast of multicultural kids.  During this program, kids learn the difference between "Good Strangers/Trusted Adults" and "Bad Strangers/Tricksters".  They will learn how to effectively use the buddy system, different tricks or stories that a predator may use to lure a child, what to do if someone attempts to grab them, where to go and how to avoid being put in that situation.

After completing the presentation, all the kids take a safety pledge and are declared members of the All-Star Safety Patrol Kids and charged with teaching safety to others and making smart, safe choices!  They are also tasked with being kinder to one another and paying acts of kindness forward.

For more information on scheduling a presentation at your school, contact us at (210) 675-8231 or email us.

From the Midwest Book Review Reviewer's Choice - May 2013 edition Children's Bookwatch

"The ABC's and 123's of Child Safety is more than an alphabet and counting picture book.  Its colorful illustrations and simple instructions are meant to be shared between parents (or preschool educators) and children ages 2-5, as a means of teaching basic safety principles.  From "K - Kick - If someone you don't know tries to grab you, you should fight back, KICK, scream loudly and try to run away!" to "P - Pool - Samson says, 'Always ask Mom or Dad for permission before getting into a POOL!  Do not get in the water without an adult there to watch you.'"  Drilling these basic tips could quite literally save a young child's life.  The bright, charming pictures and the friendly faces of the multicultural "All-Star Safety Patrol Kids" make learning safe behavior fun, not frightening.  The ABC's and 123's of Child Safety is designed to be a personalized book, encouraging little ones to write their own name, age, grandparents' names, etc.  in the counting section.  An excellent gift for little ones or their parents, The ABC's and 123's of Child Safety is worthy of the highest recommendation."


"How To Deal With Stranger Safely" Safety Program

​The A-B-C Learn Safety With Me program is a comprehensive, innovative program that teaches three to six year old children the basics of safety, personal hygiene, their alphabet and numbers.  When the child is introduced to a new number or alphabet, a corresponding safety rule is also taught. The suggested activities are designed to be taught in 30 minute increments and to complement a child development center's current curriculum, not replace it. The A-B-C Learn Safety With Me program is based on the two comprehensive, age appropriate child safety books pictured below, The ABC's and 123's of Child Safety and our bilingual version, A-B-C Learn Safety With Me.

The program was designed to fill a void in the child safety area specifically for three to six year old children.  The books that are currently available for this age group generally touch upon one or two safety topics.  In our books and program, we introduce a range of safety topics from A-Z on subjects such as - stranger awareness, bullying, fire and pool safety, animal safety, car seat safety, not keeping secrets, inappropriate touching to personal hygiene issues, such as brushing their teeth and washing their hands.  All of the safety topics are taught using age appropriate language in a fun, non-scary way and interwoven in between learning their numbers and alphabet. 

Once the children have mastered all of the concepts, staying safe will be as natural to them as saying their ABC's!  In the past two years, over 6,500 children have benefited from the information taught in the program.

There is also an interactive Windows 8 app available from the Windows 8 Microsoft store called The ABC's and 123's of Child Safety.  The children can color in the pictures on your tablet, you can record your voice reading to them (this is especially good for grandparents or military members being deployed) or you can let the story go through on automatic mode and it will read to the child.

The books and eBooks can be purchased by clicking on the links below or your favorite online book retailer such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

If you are a school, nonprofit or government agency and you have a need for a large bulk book purchase, please contact us at (210) 675-8231 for more information regarding discounts.

The A-B-C Learn Safety With Me Program is a bilingual safety program that is provided on two CDs which contain the following:  The Safety Program Manual for Teachers with suggested activities - 27 pages (English), Student Activity Handouts - 30 pages each (English and Bilingual), Safety Sight Word Flash Cards (English and Bilingual), Child Safety Kit (English), Silver and Gold Certificates of Completion (English and Bilingual) and Parent Safety Tips Handbook - 13 pages (English).  The purchase price of the program (does not include the safety books) is $25.00 + tax, which includes a one-time site license user fee. The A-B-C Learn Safety With Me Program is not for resale nor shall any part of it be sold individually.