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How to Deal With Strangers Safely

"How to Deal With Strangers Safely" is a 40-minute safety program, developed specifically for 2nd through 5th grade students, using a cast of multicultural kids.  During this program, kids learn the difference between "Good Strangers/Trusted Adults" and "Bad Strangers/Tricksters".  They will learn how to effectively use the buddy system, different tricks or stories that a predator may use to lure a child, what to do if someone attempts to grab them, where to go and how to avoid being put in that situation.

After completing the presentation, all the kids take a safety pledge and are declared members of the All-Star Safety Patrol Kids and charged with teaching safety to others and making smart, safe choices!  They are also tasked with being kinder to one another and paying acts of kindness forward.

For more information on scheduling a presentation at your school, contact us at (210) 675-8231 or email us.