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Military Veterans Against Child Abuse was pleased to be able to donate Stability Wooble/Core Balance Disc Cushions for the kids in Ms. Ashton Mantolino's classroom to sit on as they learn.  Here are her comments and some of the students' comments after receiving the cushions.  If you would like to donate, contact us for more info on how you can help!

Ashton - "Sharon! Thank you so much for your donations. My kids truly enjoy using these. They love the new colors and wish we had more!!! They are so thankful for you! I appreciate that you thought of us!"

​Alyssa - "I like that I can bring the wobble cushions all over the classroom. You can use them anywhere. Sometimes when I want to fidget I distract others around me. Sitting on one of these help me get my wiggles out!"

​Boy #1 : I like sitting on these instead of a regular pillow or cushion. It keeps me busy when I get fidgety"

Russell - " I like that I can wobble back and forth on it. It's not like a normal chair where you're stuck in one position. I like that they come in different colors too. Sometimes when we meditate in class I can't sit still. I can use this and still focus on being proactive when we need to clear our minds."